DCEP: Digitalt korpus fra Europa-Parlamentet

The Digital Corpus of the European Parliament (DCEP) contains the majority of the documents published on the European Parliament's official website. It comprises a variety of document types, from press releases to session and legislative documents related to European Parliament's activities and bodies. The current version of the corpus contains documents that were produced between 2001 and 2012.

The DCEP data is the exclusive property of the European Parliament. The Parliament cedes its non-exclusive rights free of charge and world-wide for research purposes for the entire duration of the protection of those rights to the re-user.

Any re-use of the data or of the structured elements contained in it is required to be identified by the re-user, who is under an obligation to state the source of the documents used: the website address, the date of the latest update and the fact that the European Parliament retains ownership of the data.

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