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  • Binary wordlists for the CST lemmatizer as suplement to the rules of the lemmatizer. Works with both tagged and untagged input. Use: cstlemma -d NAME-OF-WORDLIST
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  • The SemDax Corpus is a Danish human-annotated corpus relying on the combined wordnet and dictionary resources: DanNet and Den Danske Ordbog, and available through a CLARIN...
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  • The aligned corpus consists of press releases from the European Commission Press Relase Database (Rapid) harvested in 2009 and 2011 (http://europa.eu/rapid/search.htm). The...
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  • The DK-CLARIN Parallel Financial Corpus comprises 4.3 M Danish and 4.8 M English tokens from translated (parallel) documents, mainly annual reports, of the period 2002-2010 from...
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  • The LSP (Language for Special Purposes) corpus consists of texts from seven selected domains. The DK-CLARIN LSP corpus comprises 11 M tokens from the period 2000-2010,...
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