DK-CLARIN Rapid Aligned Corpus 1993-2011 (da-en, da-de)

The aligned corpus consists of press releases from the European Commission Press Relase Database (Rapid) harvested in 2009 and 2011 ( The corpus comprises 5330 + 2200 press releases (files) for each language Danish, English and German with app. 5,000,000 words per language and 260,000 - 270,000 aligned sentences for the language pair Danish - English and Danish - German. All documents are processed with Uplug ( and aligned with HunAlign. Files with more than 10 % negative alignments have been removed and so has all 0-alignmants. The documents are in txt-format for each language and in tmx-format for the aligned language pairs (da-en and da-de).

Creators: Hansen, Dorte; Offersgaard, Lene

License: CLARIN-ACA-NC, see and

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Udgivernavn Centre for Language Technology, NorS, University of Copenhagen
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