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It is generally assumed that addresses form up to 80% of the digital solutions used by a modern society.

Access to accurate and up-to-date information on Denmark's addresses is therefore of great value to Danish authorities, to businesses and to citizens.

To ensure that the entire community has access to the same information about Denmark's addresses, all address data is registered in one place, namely in the Danish Register of Addresses. Since it is the municipalities that determine road names and addresses, it is also the municipalities that register the associated data.

The rules also ensure that data is standardized, of fairly uniform quality and that they can be accessed anywhere and without payment.

In connection with the "address program", which was completed in 2018, the state and municipalities have decided to improve the quality and timeliness of address. In connection with the address program's data washing project, the municipalities have improved data, so that address data now lives up to the Address Act. This means, among other things, that all addresses have an access point and that all road names have a road name location.

Personal data - for example, about who lives at the address - is not included in the data contained in the address register. Such information is recorded elsewhere, eg in the CPR, and is protected by law.

The Authority provides a worldwide, free, non-exclusive, and unlimited right of access to data, which is free, inter alia. can: copied, distributed and published, changed and compounded with other material - Used commercially and non-commercially. Data may not be used in such a way that the authority may approve, support, recommend or market the user, the user's products or services. It must be ensured that the use of data is in accordance with Danish law.

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