DUDS Jens Bille's Ballad Book, v. 1.1

DUDS Jens Bille’s Ballad Book belongs to a corpus of the oldest Danish ballad tradition. The corpus consists of 9 ballad books handed down from Renaissance ballad collectors (1553-1591). Jens Bille’s Ballad Book (1555-1559) contains 7 epic ballads, 22 lyrical ballads, 31 ballads of chivalry, 11 historical ballads, 6 ballads of the supernatural, 3 jocular ballads, 4 heroic ballads, and 4 hymns. The texts have partly been re-keyed from scholarly editions, partly transcribed from photographs of the manuscript (Karen Brahe E I,2). All texts are in XML format with tokenization, stanza and verse segmentation, orthographical neutralization, lemmatization, POS-tagging, and homograph discrimination. Individual text words are numbered consecutively.

Sponsor:Independent Research Fund Denmark | Humanities (Statens Humanistiske Forskningsråd) and University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Humanities; Kulturarvssatsning; Dansk Folkevisekultur 1550-1700; nationalFunds;

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