Stortinget Speech Corpus version 1.0

The Stortinget Speech Corpus (SSC) is a 5000+ hours speech dataset for weak supervision ASR created from audio and aligned proceedings text from Stortinget, the Norwegian Parliament. It contains speech segments of up to 30 seconds with transcriptions in Norwegian Bokmål (nob) and Norwegian Nynorsk (nno) from the official proceedings.

The dataset is distributed as a JSONL file. Audio files, proceedings files and transcription files (with ASR output) are included in this repository, and there are relative file paths in the JSONL file. Note that only segmented audio files are part of the release.

Dataset statistics – Number of segments: 724 783 – Total duration in hours: 5 190 – Number of unique speakers: 729

You can also find the research article related to this dataset through this link

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Felt Værdi
Forfatter Språkbanken
Version 1.0
Metadata sidst opdateret januar 16, 2024, 09:11 (UTC)
Metadata oprettet januar 10, 2024, 09:44 (UTC)
Emne Sprog og retskrivning Uddannelse, kultur og sport
GUID 40959b78-712c-426f-9a02-f13a86ad26c2
Kontaktnavn Språkbanken
Opdateret 15-11-2023
Sprog nynorsk bokmål norsk
Udgivelsesdato 01-08-2019
Udgivernavn Nasjonalbiblioteket Norge AI-Lab
Dataansvarlig organisation Nasjonalbiblioteket Norge AI-Lab